The Hunt is On!

We are proud to announce our newest game in development, The Hunt.

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BattleAxe RPG - 10 Years of the Axe

2014 marks the 10th anniversary of BattleAxe and we've got something special in the works to celebrate. Stay tuned!

BattleAxe RPG

Fantasy roleplaying in the world of Mordredica

Set in the war-ravaged world of Mordredica, ancient battlefield of the Gods and prison of the Forty Sorcerers, Battleaxe RPG places the players in the roles of heroes exploring a deep fantasy world steeped in mystery and lore. Discover adventure in Mordredica as you wield powerful magic as a Mage, plunder with brute force as the Warrior, or mow down your adversaries with speed and precision as the Ranger. Watch your hero grow in power and ability as you purchase exploits and spells, score treasure, and craft powerful magical weapons and armor that will help him on his quest. The Reforged Edition includes the Creeping Dead sourcebook so that your hero can fight the undead or join their ranks and devour the living.


Players: 2+ Playtime: 60-180 minutes Ages: 12+

The Hunt

A Game of Predicaments

Four friends search a vast wilderness for the fabled White Stag. Wracked by hunger, lost, and beset with bitter cold. Will these four companions discover the Stag, or will they succumb to the trials of The Hunt?

The Hunt is an easy to learn card game in which 3-5 players compete to earn Stag Trophies in their hunt for the White Stag.


$19.99 + shipping

Includes 32 full color playing cards, 10 8mm wooden player tokens, 2 full color scorecards, full color book, 2 piece game box.

Players: 3-5 Playtime: 30-60 minutes Ages: 12+

One Thousand

One thousand will fall... One will remain victorious!

One Thousand is a fast-paced battle card game for 2-4 players. Go head-to-head or play as teams and be the first to inflict 1,000 casualties and emerge victorious! Use your battle cards to launch artillery strikes and unleash deadly gas attacks. Use aerial recon to scout your enemy and counterintelligence to thwart their offensive. Muster your troops and mount your attacks in a race to inflict the most damage!


$19.99 + shipping

Includes 108 full color playing cards, full color rulebook, 2 piece game box.

Players: 2-4 Playtime: 30 minutes Ages: 14+


The Card Game of Capture and Control

Sixteen Coal Black Horses was proud to bring you the Deluxe Edition of Vye. Since its release early in 2013, Vye has picked up a couple of good reviews and we thought it was time for a new, updated edition. A new company (Sand Hat Games) was formed to publish this updated version of Vye. Because Sixteen Coal Black Horses and Sand Hat Games share a strong friendship, we will continue to support and promote Vye. So head on over to and check out the kickass new version of the classic card game of capture and control. Oh, and they are currently on Kickstarter and have funded!

Who are the People Behind Our Games?

Doug Woolsey is a co-founder of 16CBH and Sand Hat Games. He designed and illustrated some or all of the games published by 16CBH and Vye for Sand Hat Games. He has also worked as a designer for many video game titles including Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, CrimeCraft, WildStar, City of Heroes, and Injustice for iOS.

Donald Olson is a co-designer of the BattleAxe RPG and co-founder of 16CBH.

Michelle Rice is the steadfast editor for all 16CBH products and serves as financial guru.

Craig Nelson helped design the concept behind One Thousand. He worked as a designer on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and on WildStar.

Alex Woolsey helped design both The Hunt and The Dungeon Hunt. He is sometimes referred to as TubeSockSam.

Game Support

We want to hear from you! For answers to questions about rules or to send us your feedback, drop us a line at sixteencoalblackhorses[at]gmail[dot]com.