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The BattleAxe RPG is an homage to popular RPG video games. This is a game of flying arrows, ringing swords, and blood-soaked battlefields, heralding the adventures of elves, dwarves, orcs, wulfir, and men – where war and treachery rule the day and the line between good and evil is a very fine one indeed.

Create your hero and explore the richly detailed world of Mordredica through the unparalleled excitement of tabletop roleplaying where epic stories are collaboratively created as works of real-time fiction.

  • Introduces the world of Mordredica, ancient battlefield of the Gods and the hiding place of the fabled Forty Sorcerers.
  • Explore Mordredica as an elf, orc, human, dwarf, or wulfir hero.
  • Wield powerful magic as a Mage, plunder with brute force as the Warrior, or mow down your adversaries with speed and precision as the Ranger.
  • Purchase exploits and spells that grow more powerful as your hero evolves.
  • Score treasure from ancient vaults and gather loot from fallen foes. Use the coin to craft magical armor and weapons to aid you on your epic adventures.
  • Get knee-deep in the action using the fast, high resolution Invoke! Game Engine.
  • Plunder tombs, lay siege to strongholds, fight the undead, or devour the living with the first BattleAxe RPG supplement, The Creeping Dead.
  • Enjoy Mordredica time and time again with free updates, adventures, and expanded material available through our website.